Skidding System

skidding-system-1 skidding-system-2

Our Skidding System has a maximum capacity of 500 Tons, and can move in two opposite directions due to its push/pull grip mechanism

Combined with the diesel power-pack the system can easily be used for outdoor projects


Skidding is an ancient transportation technology. The Egyptians built their pyramids by use of a skidding technique to move stones of impressive dimensions and weight. Over the years a variety of skids were used to move heavy structures, mostly by using skid-tracks and lubricated skid materials.

Technical Basics

With the 'PC Controlled Hydraulic Compensated Skidding Technology' we have added a major innovation to the skidding method:

  1. Hydrospex has introduced the use of a skidshoe that is pushed over a skidtrack by a hydraulic push-pull cylinder. Special PTFE coated blocks are placed on the skidtracks to reduce friction. The PTFE coating guarantees a friction of less than 5%.
  2. To compensate for uneven foundation surfaces a hydraulic lifting cylinder has been installed. This cylinder lifts the object from its support and it compensates the load during travelling. This results in a constant spread of the level  and the load.